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From 4 May, Italy starts again. All commercial activities will be gradually reopened, including tourist ones (museums, exhibitions, archaeological sites, churches, tours, etc.). In short, life starts again and from June we are ready to welcome you again in beautiful Rome.

Book your holiday and choose to stay in an apartment. This is the best choice because you will have an environment for your exclusive use for you and your travel companions, equipped to prepare and consume meals.

Choose one of our apartments located in the historical center of Rome.

Cleaning information for COVID-19.  
All apartments will be prepared with Disinfection and Sanitization following the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Disinfection and Sanitization consists in treating all the parts of the contact present in the apartment with a special disinfectant product.

The procedure involves:  
The cleaners will carry out the activities equipped with disposable waterproof mask and gloves.
Ordinary cleaning of the apartment and change of sheets and towels will be carried out. Following this, disinfection and sanitization will be carried out by spraying sanitizers with a special pump.

Once disinfected, the disinfectant products are able to eliminate any microbial (bacterial and viral) contamination.
The product acts by contact and does not contain substances harmful to humans.

Scientific Note:  
The viruses, although not having the possibility to survive for a long time outside an organism, can still resist longer if they are present on organic substrates such as saliva. It is therefore essential to eliminate any organic substrates (also called biofilms) that can represent a potential source of contamination.
The Disinfection and Sanitization procedures are able to eliminate any possible organic substrate from the various surfaces.


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